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St Margaret’s School for Girls is the only school in the north of Scotland catering exclusively for girls. St Margaret’s offers a well-rounded, first-class education to girls of wide-ranging abilities. The school is building links with St Margaret’s schools worldwide and offers to each girl the opportunity to be fully prepared for playing a leadership role in society. The Girls’ School Association represents the Heads of the leading independent girls’ schools in the UK.

The benefits of an all girls' education are manifold. Research proves that girls learn best when they can feel confident, competent and happy. In girls' schools, teachers can create the right emotional atmosphere to optimise participation and maximise progress. With only girls in the classroom and on the sports field, they have the freedom to be - and become - themselves, and to explore fully the opportunities available to them.

Teamwork, motivation, partnership and multi-tasking, which are all recognised as key strengths of girls’ schools, encourage girls to become successful leaders capable of juggling many tasks at once.

Girls want to do well. They respond positively to being treated as individuals. Teachers in girls’ schools play a very important part in encouraging high expectations.

Girls’ schools produce leaders, rather than followers. Tessa Jowell (a former St Margaret’s pupil), Esther Rantzen, Dame Stella Rimington and Anita Roddick all attended girls’ schools. Fifth and Sixth year girls in GSA schools are almost twice as likely to take physics and chemistry A Level or Higher as girls in a co-educational school. 80% more girls continue with modern languages and 70% more with mathematics. These subjects are particular strengths of GSA schools. Research shows that boys ask most of the questions in mixed-sex science lessons and take charge of apparatus in practicals.

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"The girls we saw were confident, unaffected and engaged. No preening, no hair flicking. Just happy, really."

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