Beyond the Classroom: Duke of Edinburgh

Inspiring adventures that last a lifetime.


The DofE is all about going the extra mile – gaining new skills, pushing oneself physically, helping others and exploring new territories. At the same time, girls will gather friendships, experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Girls from 14 years old upwards can choose the activities that motivate them most and go on their own personal journey. We know that a DofE Award helps them stand out from the crowd when they apply for college, university or jobs.Adventurous, caring, sporty, creative…however a girl might describe herself, the DofE Award can be the right choice for her.

How it works
The Award has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

bronze_ribbon.png#asset:370 Bronze:

  • Has four sections – service, skills, physical recreation and expeditions
  • Is open to young people aged at least 14
  • Requires a minimum commitment of six months

silver_ribbon.png#asset:369 Silver level:

  • Has the same sections as Bronze
  • Is open to young people aged at least 15
  • Requires a minimum 12-month commitment

gold_ribbon.png#asset:368 Gold level:

  • Has the same sections as Bronze and Silver, plus a residential project
  • Is open to young people aged at least 16
  • Requires a minimum 12-month commitment (18 months for pupils entering straight into Gold)

Receiving the Gold Award, at St James' Palace in London or Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, gives a sense of shared accomplishment with other young people from other schools and walks of life.

St Margaret's Duke of Edinburgh dates 2018-2019:

Friday 16th - Monday 19th August Gold Practice Expedition

Wednesday 21st August Silver Practice Training

Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd September Silver Practice Expedition

Friday 4th - Sunday 6th October Silver Qualifying Expedition


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