Why choose St Margaret's for senior school?

Why should you choose St Margaret’s for senior school?

St Margaret’s welcomes pupils at every age, from nursery right through to VI Senior and it is true that many girls complete both their junior and senior school education here. However, there are also many girls who decide to make the transition to St Margaret’s for senior school, be it at the start of I Senior or at any other stage in the secondary department, and this can have a particularly positive impact on their lives.

It is never too late to benefit from a St Margaret’s education and girls who have joined us even in V or VI Senior will testify to that. Please see the article regarding Caron Flett above.

It may be that you have thought about a move to an independent school but are unsure about what that means; therefore, we have put together a short summary highlighting some of the many and varied opportunities available to our senior pupils at all stages.

Easy transition:

Many pupils may feel nervous or uncertain about the thought of moving to a new school, especially if they have been in the same school for a long time. This is perfectly understandable but we can assure you that we do everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible and the whole experience a truly positive one.

Sense of community:

When pupils and parents visit the school for the first time, we usually find that they are immediately struck by the close sense of community that is characteristic of St Margaret’s, regardless of the stage at which girls may join us. Prospective pupils and parents initially meet with the Head and with other key members of staff, as well as with some of our pupils in the classroom setting. This not only helps you get to know the school a little better but also helps new girls feel at home very quickly.

The school is not an aggressively competitive environment but is rather one of friendship, encouragement and respect. Our senior girls are testament to this, with many of them developing close bonds that grow into life-long friendships with their peers and a life-long loyalty and association to the school.

Opportunities at St Margaret’s:

Our small class sizes throughout the senior school are conducive to a very focused learning environment. Where a typical state school class might encompass around 30 pupils, an average class size at St Margaret’s would be around 20. However, in the later stages of senior school at higher and advanced higher level, girls may benefit from much smaller classes of perhaps even fewer than 10 pupils, depending on their subject options. This means that the individual personalities, talents and learning styles of each girl can be identified and nurtured under a bespoke educational programme.

St Margaret’s is also proud to be able to offer our girls the opportunity to sit eight National 5 qualifications from III Senior – something that is not always available in other local schools. Our National 5 pass rate in the 2019 SQA examinations was an outstanding 95%, reflecting both the dedication of the teaching staff and the hard work of the pupils, who flourish in our supportive environment.

Of course, we don’t just believe in hard work; our senior pupils also enjoy a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, school trips and special events throughout each year. This wider programme helps our girls to develop into confident, eloquent young women who strive to be the best they can be. Our pupils excel not only in STEM subjects but in social sciences, languages and the expressive arts: it is our aim to support the development of well-rounded, socially aware individuals who have a bright future ahead of them, whatever path they may choose in life.

All-girls’ education:

Extensive research over many years has highlighted the many benefits of educating girls in a single-sex environment. Our girls regularly tell us that an all-girls’ environment makes such a positive impact not only on their studies, but also on their personal attributes such as confidence, during their time in senior school. Free from distraction, disruption or stereotype, girls are nurtured to become what they truly aspire to be at St Margaret’s.

If you would like further information about joining St Margaret’s for senior school, we would be delighted to speak with you.

Please contact our Admissions Office in the first instance on 01224 584466 or email

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