A series of blogs from our School Council member

We are delighted that former Head and current School Council member, Mrs Everest, has written several blogs for us. The first is on 'Subject and Career choices'

Subject and Career choices

All good schools put a lot of energy and commitment into supporting their students as they grow up and start to make choices for themselves.  This is especially true at St Margaret’s, where its relative small size ensures that staff know the girls really well and so can offer more tailored and personal help at those crucial points in their school lives when the girls are choosing the subjects courses or careers that will suit them best and allow them to contribute positively to the world beyond school.

Good communication and many professional conversations and consultations go into each choice, which is made in the context of a broad Scottish education designed to keep as many options open for as long as possible.  At St Margaret’s every teacher is dedicated and willing to help that process, with more specialist advice coming from the head of careers, guidance teachers and the senior management team.  In a smaller school there is time for each girl to have the in-depth conversations that are so necessary for preparing for a meaningful destination in the outside world.

The freedom afforded by an all girls education allows girls to make those important choices without stereotyping or prejudice playing a part: in a girls’ school where every lesson is designed for girls and every subject is made available just for them, there is no chance of a subject being perceived as “more for boys”: every career path is open to our girls.

Of course, all good schools will strive to avoid any sort of inequality between the sexes and will take steps to ensure impartiality.  We would argue, however, that it is so much easier to offer unprejudiced advice and to accomplish “gender blind” achievement in a single sex environment - where every choice we make is made just for the girls. 

Mrs A. Everest

School Council member and former Head of St George's, Edinburgh and St Margaret's.

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