Inspirational Former Pupil, Sarah Hutcheon, Class of 1996

Our former pupils are an integral part of the St Margaret’s family, and we have been catching up with some of these very inspirational women to find out how St Margaret’s helped to shape their lives.

Following on from Muriel Muirden’s interview last week, this week we have interviewed Sarah Hutcheon. Sarah is a Former Pupil of St Margaret’s (Class of 1996), and is currently the Managing Director of DiveSource Limited. We asked her how St Margaret’s influenced her career path.


Hello Sarah! What are your memories of the school and your time here?

I was at St Margaret's from nursery through to 6th year – that’s 14 years! Therefore, I have so many memories but the ones that stick in my mind are: in the junior school, dancing and doing gymnastics to the song "Jump" with Mrs (Georgie) Parker, Mrs Love telling everyone we should “engage brain before opening mouth!”, and Mrs Stalker being the best teacher ever!

St Margaret’s helped me so much before I went into senior school. Memories of senior school include Miss Carey telling me to “remove my jumper from round my waist as this was not a holiday camp”! And Mrs Leiper for helping me get an ‘A’ in Higher English! 

What kind of pupil were you as you came through the school? Were you always very strong academically?

No I was not strong academically. I was strong socially and this also stands you in good stead in your future career. In my Standard Grades, I worked hard to achieve 8 Credit results and passed them all which was a great achievement! If you know you can do it - you should.

At school, could you have imagined what you would go on to do in your career?

Not at all! I wanted to be a doctor, but I knew I was never going to be a complete A grade student, so I studied Accountancy with Management, and this has stood me in good stead for my future career path, and now for owning my own business.

 What was it that got you excited about working in the oil and gas industry?

I love continuously learning - every day I learn something new about the industry. When I joined the subsea side of the industry I knew this was where my passion was and instantly became a vessel geek! I am truly passionate about the diving industry and the improvements we need to make globally, and this is what we are going to endeavour to achieve.

What was has been your career path to date and how did you become Managing Director of DiveSource Limited?

I began my career in finance recruitment. I knew I was never going to be an accountant as I need interaction with people to motivate me. Following on from this, I went into subsea crewing, eventually running a subsea services organisation. In 2015 I was made redundant and two of the clients said "start up on your own - you can do it and we will support you" - so I did. And I am still 100% committed to developing a diver’s career journey, both in the UK and globally. It takes guts and strength to start your own business; it's incredibly hard work but also very rewarding, especially in the current market downturn.

Would you recommend your career path to the girls coming through the school today?

My advice would be to really do something you enjoy and make the most of it. Optimise every opportunity and make things happen. There are not enough females in this industry but to date some of the highest achievers and CEOs of oil majors are females, but we need more!

What has been the highpoint of your career achievements to date?

Without a doubt, starting my own business.

What advice would you have for the girls who are currently at St Margaret’s?

Work hard, get to know everyone and listen to everything that goes on around you. Our peers at school end up being future company leaders and we are privileged to be around them and their families, so learn from everyone around you and soak up all the information people give you. 

And lastly, enjoy these days as they truly will be some of the best of your life! 

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