Mrs Harris tell us why the PTA is so important to St Margaret's

Q&A with Shona Harris one of our PTA committee members

When did you join the PTA committee? And how did you first hear about it?

I am not sure when I officially joined the committee, but it was at some point this year, after helping out unofficially at several events over the years. It’s very relaxed really; everyone is more than welcome to volunteer at events on an ad hoc basis, or if you want to make a slightly bigger commitment and become part of the organising process, you can join the PTA committee.

 Why did you join the PTA?

Well, why not?! The first thing my daughter and I did after she was accepted by St Margaret’s was to buy some second hand uniform. The lady who sorted this out for us was a member of the PTA committee. It was so useful speaking to another Mum. Not only did we save some money and buy the correct items, but we were also given a lovely welcome to the school. I began to notice the same group of cheery faces behind the food stalls at sports day, helping with refreshments after hockey and at the school social events. I appreciated being able to attend these events and thought it would be fun and only fair if I helped out too.

What has been your favourite event to help organise?

The 170th Anniversary Ball at The Marcliffe Hotel was my favourite event of the ones I’ve been involved with. I was lucky and was given the job of table decorations. It is such a joy to be left to organise something so creative. The PTA are a practical group who are all busy people but events are organised as efficiently as possible.

Why is the PTA so important to St Margaret’s?

The PTA contributes money to benefit every single pupil at school. Anything from computers to decorating school rooms, play equipment for the youngsters, or benches for the Mums to meet when at pick up. Of course the education of the girls is the top priority but they have to feel happy and part of the place. St Margaret’s is such a welcoming school and is small enough to have a family feel about it. The PTA adds to this both in terms of material items but also by parents welcoming each other and showing their daughters that it is right to give their time to contribute to the wonderful establishment we are all gaining from.

Why would you encourage other parents to join the PTA committee?

I would definitely encourage parents to get involved in some way. Why not volunteer to help at one of the events?  It’s a great way to know some of the other girls and their parents. A few years on I also enjoy welcoming new parents and their daughters. Changing schools can seem such a daunting and major life experience and the easier any of us can make that the better. My daughter arrived at St Margaret’s into IIIS and I knew very little about the school and how things work. Helping with the PTA has meant I could start putting names to faces, find my own way to the hall and have the occasional glimpse into life at St Margaret’s and why it is such a special place.

The PTA has numerous events planned for next session, what are you most looking forward to?

Next year promises to be a busy one again, but we need the support of the general parent body. The PTA will help organise major events such as Sports Day, social events and will also provide extra funds to enable projects that just would not happen without the PTA funding efforts.

Please try and support this hard working group by coming along to the fund raising events. They are always great value and good old fashioned fun!  Better still, why not volunteer to help at an event or consider joining the PTA committee where your voice will be heard and your efforts greatly appreciated.

We are especially needing parent volunteers with younger children ……..before us ‘old’ Mums finally hang up our BBQ aprons and head for the hills after that final school run!

Don’t forget to fill out the PTA questionnaire by next Friday, 26th May

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