Outdoor Lessons for 1 and 2 Junior

1 and 2 Junior have had three outdoor learning sessions so far this term. On our first outing, we went to Rubislaw Terrace Gardens and played some 'getting to know you' games and learned about safe boundaries. They then worked in pairs to find different textures by doing some wax rubbings and collecting items for a texture picture.

We also went to Bon Accord Terrace Gardens to explore our surroundings. We played 'one, two, three ... shake a tree' and investigated what had landed on our white sheet.

'There were lots of tiny greenflies' Hannah

We also investigated which balls rolled down the slope best.

Another activity was a 'minibeast hunt'. We found lots of woodlice under a stone.

There were lots of them falling down like rain on the stone' Evangeline.
On our most recent visit, we had great fun exploring the muddy puddles! We helped our partners climb and balance along walls and found a secret path! The girls had to be squirrels and hid their 'acorns' for winter and their partner had to go and find the hidden 'acorns'. On the top of the hill, we made up our own endings to the rhyme:
'Brown owl, brown owl what can you see? I can see a ... big crane looking back at me!'

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