'So you want to be a doctor?'

On Wednesday, we went to the Suttie Centre for Teaching and Learning in Healthcare for an event called ‘So you want to be a doctor?’ which was set up by Aberdeen University. There were many schools in attendance including Banff Academy, Westhill Academy, Portlethen Academy and Aberdeen Grammar School. We listened to talks presented by a GP, a respiratory doctor and two medical students. Advice was given on what qualifications we need to aim for, information to include on our UCAS form and how to manage studying at University.

Throughout the day there were three stations. At the first we learned how to identify a stroke and what professions are used to help patients recover from a stroke. Secondly, we learned how to identify what organs are affected by different injuries and how to identify different types of scans which were displayed by 3D images. Lastly, we learned about trauma incidents and in what order to check the signs of a patient through using the A B C D approach.

We thoroughly enjoyed this event and would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to attend.

IVS pupils

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