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The PTA’s Second Hand Uniform and Book sale is on Saturday 17th June so please add this to your diary if you would like to pick up any uniform or books at a discounted price.

Lesley Streether organises this event and she tells us below how she got involved with the PTA and why she thinks you should too!

When did you first join the PTA committee? And how did you hear about it?

I’ve been organising the second hand uniform sale for about seven years now - wow, doesn’t time fly! I guess I was always aware of requests for help at various PTA events and have responded as and when I can. I also took a turn as a class rep for several years. 

Why did you join the PTA?

A combination of reasons really. My daughters came back to St Margaret’s from abroad and taking part in the PTA was a way to make friends and become part of the team. In many international schools, student and parent participation in the PTA was part of a wider community spirit and enjoyable so if you’ve invested in a community why wouldn't you support it.

How long have you been on the PTA committee for?

I guess it’s around two years now. There are only a few meetings over the course of the year to brainstorm events and they are really relaxed. I have made some lovely friends and people just attend when they can.

What position do you hold on the committee?

I don’t hold any specific position at all. I organise the uniform sales and this year I will also be supporting the annual book sale. We don’t have a PTA Treasurer at the moment so I have been helping to cover that position - I’ve actually learned quite a lot!

Tell us a little more about the uniform and book sales?

Uniform sales are held three times per year and I think the quality of the items sold are very good indeed. I've just sorted through some recent donations and there are hockey boots and PE items that have been barely worn and look as new  - a bargain for someone. I offer for sale every item on the uniform list with the exception of shoes and trainers so parents can make some great savings.

The uniform sale in June will be combined with the book sale and this is a great opportunity for girls/parents to purchase textbooks/study guides/past papers at greatly reduced rates. This year, book lists are more established and texts are more widely available so it should be a great sale!

How can other parents get involved with these?

Very easily - any offers of help are most gratefully received! I am actively looking to recruit someone or ideally a group of mum’s to organise the uniform/book sales in the future to secure this continued service for parents.

As well as sorting, pricing donations prior to sales, help is required in setting up and running the event on the day. Volunteers can assist in any or all of the above.

Parents can also get involved simply by selling or donating uniform/books to the sale or by coming along to purchase items. Look out for the information in the Weekly News!

What has been your favourite event to help organise?

My favourite event is always the festive beetle drive and hamper raffle. It's a great family event and the organisers have just as much fun as the excited young players. The raffle is really popular and the hamper prizes, organised by the class reps are always fabulous and much coveted.

Why is the PTA so important to St Margaret’s?

St Margaret’s is a relatively small school but we have a lovely school community here. I do believe that the partnership between school and home is important and by contributing in some way , whether it is by organising an event, buying raffle tickets , donating, books, uniform, or bags2school then everyone can feel part of and benefit from that community. The PTA has contributed to many projects around school which enhance the lives of all the girls at school but it’s not all about fundraising - events often promote the initiation of new friendships, and communication which is just as important .The stronger the partnership, the more the girls benefit - that’s the reason the PTA exists.

Why would you encourage other parents to join the PTA committee?

I have made some great friends and got to know better some of the dedicated staff members. St Margaret’s really does have an interesting and diverse community and it is rewarding experience to contribute. We really need some enthusiastic new talent to replace ‘retiring’ members so please think about joining - your PTA Needs You!

The PTA has numerous events planned for next session, what are you most looking forward to?

My main focus is the uniform and book sale and I do look forward to lots of empty boxes and many happy parents grabbing bargains. 

Second hand uniform and book sale information

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