Cinderella Review

There was a tangible buzz of anticipation in the theatre prior to the show; the rapturous applause and animated conversation after the performers took their final curtain said it all. The opening night of Cinderella was a resounding success.

All the performers and soloists were very well cast, and we loved the quiet moments of Cinderella’s isolation, but also her feisty 21st century determination that she too would fulfil her destiny. Her stepmother and sisters entertained us hugely, and her fairy godmother offered a strong stage presence to begin and end the show. Equally memorable were the Prince and his loyal steward and parents. The stars were more than ably supported by the well-choreographed and lively villagers and guests at the ball; the heralds, the superb puppeteers who were cleverly transformed into horses. The audience was swept along by the energy and enthusiasm of the cast, the bright costumes and the cleverly lit background and staging. The vital elements of surprise were there too, from seeing Cinderella’s transformation to seeing members of staff trying on the glass slipper!

As always, the quality of the music was exceptional. Seamlessly, the musicians moved from scene to scene and everyone left humming the final song. Like every good show, individual performances, the unity of the cast, power of the music, visual delight and sense of energy made it a night to remember.

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