Confucius Art, Mandarin and Singing Workshops

The art department and 7 Junior teachers hosted a visit from the Confucius Institute from the University of Aberdeen on Wednesday 21st February. Two of their post graduate student volunteers Jiaxiu (Gigi) and Yulu (April) led a mix of drawing and Mandarin workshops. 

Below is some feedback based on their experience:

“I’m so happy that your girls liked our workshop. We also spent a really happy day with you. The girls are cute and smart. We were happy to teach them. And thank you for your present. That was really lovely. Best wishes!” - Jiaxiu (Gigi)
“I spent a nice day with the teachers and girls in St. Margaret’s School for Girls! Thanks a lot! The girls are very smart and learned very fast. We hope they enjoyed the workshops. Welcome to China!” - Yulu (April)

Here is what some of our girls had to say:
“I thought the Confucius workshop was very good as we are studying this topic in class. It expanded on our knowledge. I really enjoyed learning how to hold and use a Chinese brush in art.” - Blessed
“I thought it was very interesting as I had never spoken Mandarin before and it was good to learn about different Chinese customs. The rice paper and black ink drawing was a new experience.” - Anna
“I thought the Confucius visit was very interesting as I learnt more about Mandarin than I knew before. It was really good to try to learn how to draw a panda and different characters. I really liked the calligraphy, too.” - Lucy Parfitt
All the girls signed a card to send to Jiaxiu (Gigi) and Yulu (April).

Mrs T. Scott 

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