House Assemblies

“Hold, hold them fast, those things that are most enduring: friendship and truth and fortitude and love! Against hardness of heart, against sloth and falsehood’s alluring, still hold, hold them fast! From such things never move!”.

Words we often sing, but what do they mean?

This year’s house assemblies have been themed around the school song. During the autumn term we first spoke about ‘friendship’ and continued on to look at ‘truth’, then “fortitude” and finally “love”.

On Wednesday last week, our Heads of House kicked off the first of this terms house assemblies with the theme: “Hardness of Heart”; what does it mean to be hard-hearted?

Each of the three house assemblies conducted an experiment. Volunteers were asked to come to the front, one at a time. Their task was to pick an egg from the box and try to spin it. Some would spin for a few seconds, others just would not spin at all despite several attempts! Why?

The eggs that would spin had been hard-boiled representing a hardened heart. A person with a hardened heart can be made to do things they know are wrong and might hurt others. The song goes: “Against hardness of heart…”; we must try hard not let our hearts become hard like a hard-boiled egg!

Our next house assembly will be entitled ‘sloth’ and should be very interesting indeed! We have passed this challenge to our Junior House Captains who will lead this assembly on Wednesday 7th March.

Mrs S. MacFadyen

Head of House (Dunnottar)

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