Operating Theatre Live


SATURDAY 9th JUNE 9:00-17:00

St Margaret’s School for Girls is delighted to be hosting the Aberdeen leg of Operating Theatre Live’s national tour.

Operating Theatre Live is a travelling educational medical programme delivered by anatomist and teacher Samuel Piri. Sponsored by the Royal Society for Medicine, the event has worked in partnership with KAPLAN (which is a training provider for UKCAT and BMAT Medicine application tests) and has been described by the BBC as “an incredible experience”.

It comes highly recommended, particularly for those considering applying for medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and other patient-centred professions or biological courses.

The day is based on learning patient care, communication skills and professional conduct as you work with your patient through a series of workshops on infection control, anaesthetics, communicating, human anatomy, cranial and vertebral cavity, thoracic cavity and abdominal pelvic cavity.

These in-depth academic sessions will show you how anatomy and physiology translates into disease, how doctors use cutting-edge technology to treat disease, explore all anatomy including the stomach, intestines, gall bladder, pancreas, colon, head, spinal cord and neck, have a go at administering anaesthetics to your patient, try your hand at intubation on real thoracic blocks as well as attempting real heart transplant surgery.

The dissections are carried out on pig specimens (which are by-products of the meat industry), and the organisers insist on the highest standards of animal welfare. At the end of the day, KAPLAN will deliver a session on the UKCAT and BMAT exams and how to prepare for them.

St Margaret’s would like to invite IIIS-VIS pupils from throughout the North-east who have expressed an interest in a relevant career to take part in the day. Tickets cost £69, and include scrub hire, stethoscope, full personal protection equipment, a curriculum-linked workbook pack, a certificate, a sandwich lunch and a bottle of water.

For more information and a full itinerary of the day, visit:

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