Bright Sparks Are the People’s Choice

Congratulations to Katie Crabb, Mary Loudon, Joanna Malikebu and Alejandra Tait who received a special award at last week’s Bright Ideas Challenge, which is funded by Shell.

The S3 pupils made it to the national final of the challenge, a cross-curricular competition which invites pupils aged 11-14 to imagine creative ideas to power the cities of the future, ensuring they are vibrant, healthy and clean places in which to live.

While they were not crowned the national winners at the event in London, the girls were presented with the People’s Choice Award – a fantastic result against 12 other teams.

Earlier this month, the team won the Aberdeenshire prize of £1,500 to be used by the school on STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects for their original energy solution of extracting Xanthopterin from hornets and mammal urine to be used in cars to convert light energy into electrical energy that can power car batteries.

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