Eight Reasons to Choose the Junior School at St Margaret’s For Your Daughter

Choosing the right school for your daughter, at any stage of her development, is never an easy decision, but here at St Margaret’s we understand girls – how they learn, how they play and how they develop. The only all girls’ school in Aberdeen, St Margaret’s has around 380 pupils ranging in age from 3 to 18. A bright, spacious well-equipped building, with secure, grassed playground facilities, St Margaret’s meets all the requirements of a modern twenty-first century education, while at the same time retaining the traditions and values which give the school its warm and friendly family atmosphere.

We have identified eight very good reasons why you might consider sending your daughter to St Margaret’s:

Small Class Sizes

The junior school offers our younger girls the perfect start to their school education. Large enough to offer flexibility and choice in terms of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, class sizes are deliberately small – up to 18 pupils in 1J and 24 further up the junior school – ensuring that all the girls are well-known by their teachers and classroom assistants and that each receives the individual attention and support which she requires. The school also offers support for learning with proactive, early intervention provided where necessary.  

Specialist Teaching

A wide range of specialist teaching is available to our junior pupils, with specialist teachers in French, PE, music and drama provided from 1J. In 5J, specialist art teaching is introduced and, in 7J, the girls begin lessons in Latin and the three sciences of biology, physics and chemistry, in preparation for the move to senior school.

Physical Education

Physical education is another key component of the working week, with two mandatory PE lessons as well as an afternoon of either swimming or ski-ing at local facilities, or athletics, which takes place at our Summerhill playing fields.


Music holds a very special place at St Margaret’s, as anyone who has been lucky enough to attend one of our annual concerts will know. The passion and commitment from both teachers and pupils in the teaching of music goes above and beyond, and the results are outstanding. Girls can take up individual instrumental lessons from 1J, and there are opportunities to perform from the outset.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is an increasingly valued form of development and education, offering opportunities for development in a multitude of areas, including communication, problem-solving, team-work and thinking skills. At St Margaret’s, we offer a progressive programme of outdoor learning in 1J and 2J in the autumn and summer terms, which takes learning outside into local city centre gardens, Botanic Gardens and Hazlehead Woods, where the girls learn new skills in a safe and stimulating environment.

A Caring Environment

Caring for the world in which we live and for each other is very much a part of the St Margaret’s ethos, and is something which we actively encourage among the girls. Pupils in the younger classes are paired with older classes for a number of special activities and each class organises a charity event for their cause of choice.

Parental Engagement

Parental engagement is a key component of life in our junior school and we welcome the Involvement of parents as helpers on trips or into the classroom to share their professional expertise; parents enjoy sharing in their daughters’ learning at our special Well Done Wednesdays and value learning more about life at St Margaret’s through our regular Find Out Fridays. From the outset, parents are encouraged to join our active Parent Teacher Association and contribute to our Parent Forum.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our staff are experts in teaching girls and are committed to supporting each girl to be all that she can be both inside and outside the classroom, and this includes the rich variety of extra-curricular activities that are available. For 1J alone, there are ten from which to choose. While enjoyable in themselves, extra-curricular activities also help girls to develop the skills and personal qualities which they will require to be successful and happy beyond school. We also offer free morning care, with stimulating activities from 8am to 8.30am, and after school club from 3pm to 5.30pm. The St Margaret’s holiday club provides further care and much fun for our nursery and junior pupils.

Junior school pupils at St Margaret’s are nurtured and benefit from the wider opportunities and role models which abound in our all through school. We believe that a single-sex education offers girls the space in which their intellectual and physical identity can blossom, a space which is free from stereotype, full of challenge and rich with opportunity and care. It is in this sort of environment that girls can develop the self-esteem and confidence which will enable them to fulfil their potential and make a positive impact on the world.

To find out more about what St Margaret’s could offer your daughter, please call our admissions office on 01224 584466 at

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