Success for Lego Teams at First Lego League Tournament

On Saturday, pupils from our Lego League Club, with girls from 5J to 7J travelled north to the Aberdeenshire First Lego League Tournament held at NESCol in Fraserburgh.   The competition is aimed at encouraging school children to apply science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to solve a real-world problem through the use of LEGO. 

With the valuable support and guidance from ROVOP, an Aberdeen based global robotics company, the teams have been working very hard this term in preparation for the competition.  The competition program included a Core Values Interview and Challenge, a Robot Design Interview, an Innovation Project Presentation culminating in the Mission Competitions using their Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots. 

Both teams, Meg’s One and Meg’s Plus, felt they had performed well in the Core Values Challenge and the Innovation Project Presentations, with both completing the presentations in the allotted time and eloquently discussing their projects. The judges were especially impressed with Meg’s One’s song and Meg’s Plus team’s sustainable use of dog poop. 

The Robot Design Interview was more challenging, but the girls coped admirably.  The missions were held in the competition ring and each team was given two and half minutes, with only two team members allowed to enter to perform their task.  This was a tense but exciting experience for both teams.  All teams were very supportive of one another and there was a great atmosphere in the hall.

Meg’s One was delighted to be presented with the Core Values Award and Meg’s Plus was presented with the Judge’s Award for their amazing eco-friendly and sustainable project idea.   Well done to all the girls, staff and ROVOP team involved in this wonderful initiative.


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