Is the St Margaret’s admissions office open during the holidays?

Yes. The admissions office is open for the entirety of the summer holidays; we welcome applications all year round. Our admissions office can be contacted on 01224 584466 or at, or visit our website at: for more information.

Can I enquire throughout the summer holidays for my daughter to start in August?

Yes, we will be delighted to consider applications throughout the course of the summer for a start in the new term in August.

So, how long does the admissions process take and what does it entail?

We always endeavour to make the application process as smooth as possible and to administer assessments at the earliest opportunity, especially during the summer break, so that you can prepare for your daughter’s start in August. We would encourage you to apply as soon as possible so as to not miss out on a place for your daughter. The first stage in the admissions process is to complete a registration form, returning it with a photo of your daughter, a copy of her latest school report, and a £50 registration fee. Once the form has been received, we will then arrange an assessment. Our admissions office will ensure that you are kept updated and fully informed at all times throughout the application and assessment process.

What about uniform?

We will be delighted to assist with uniform during the course of the summer holidays. As well as our external uniform suppliers, we also operate a second-hand uniform sale in school which often has pristine items for sale at a fraction of the original cost.

Should I be worried that my daughter won’t have met her class-mates before starting in August?

It is natural as a parent to be apprehensive about your daughter’s transition to a new school, especially if she has not had the opportunity to meet her new classmates. The small size of our school and our small class sizes means that new girls settle into life at St Margaret’s very quickly. The pastoral care at St Margaret’s is second to none, and our Guidance team and expert staff provide the girls with the support that they need in every aspect of school life. Staff closely observe new girls (and indeed all our girls) to ensure that they are settling in well to their new school or year group. All of our girls have been new girls themselves at some point, and they offer a warm welcome to their new classmates. New girls are often surprised at how quickly they settle in and become part of the St Margaret’s community.

If my daughter is waiting for her exam results should I enquire now or wait until she has the results?

We would encourage you to apply while waiting for exam results, as we can offer places based on a girl’s report or reference from her current school, as well as on the basis of prelim exam results. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with our admissions office at any point during a girl’s education should you be interested in a place for your daughter.

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