Mrs Lynch has been working at St Margarets for twenty-nine years and first arrived in August 1992. This was her first and only teaching position as a teacher of French and German. She came to the school for a job interview straight after her teacher training and immediately felt at home. “Very soon after arriving here, there was just something tangible about being in this building. You could feel the warmth and a sense of community” said Mrs Lynch. Over the years the school has seen many physical changes such as new buildings, however the family-like atmosphere to St Margarets has remained unchanged.

Q: What is your favourite event during the school year?

A: That's a difficult one to pinpoint because I have a few that I could probably name. I think what is most special to me are the events where the whole school comes together, so that would be St Margaret's day, the carol service and speech day.

Q: What will you miss most about our school?

A: I don't think there is one single answer; I am going to miss so many things. Probably most of all I am going to miss this contact with you, the girls even though I am not in the teaching classroom all day everyday now. One of the things about my job as deputy head is that every day is different and every day is so varied and busy; I am going to miss being able to be involved with so many different aspects of school life; being able to speak to girls of all ages; still being able to teach in the German classroom, not just dealing with administration and management.. First and foremost, I will miss the contact with the pupils, with my colleagues and I'm going to miss my busy day-to-day routine.

Q: What was your greatest challenge during your time at the school?

A: I think the greatest challenge without a doubt has been this past year and that has been a challenge for everybody because we all had to adapt to new ways of working and adapt to operating in circumstances that we are really not used to. There have been all sorts of complicated logistics to bear in mind at every point this year and I think it has been a challenge to come to terms with the fact that for a whole calendar year many aspects of the St Margarets that we know have not been able to happen within the restrictions.

Q: Would you have any advice for any girls coming up through the school

That's a tricky one! I would say: be true to yourself, be true to your values, be the best version of yourself that you can be, always, and aim high. To know that you are doing your best is all that can be asked of you; this will mean different things for every individual, as everyone has strengths in different areas. I would also advise that you should never be afraid to ask for help. If you do your best, ask for help if you need it, and take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way, then you will have a bright future ahead of you.

Q: What are you most proud of from your time at St Margarets?

Probably just having played a part in shaping the lives of so many pupils over the years; I think that has been the most rewarding aspect of my career.

Q: What are your hobbies?

Visiting Switzerland is one of my major hobbies! I hope that I will be able to go there again in the not-too-distant future when Covid restrictions have eased. I do love to travel, especially to German speaking countries. I love walking, especially in the hills and in the mountains. I also play golf; I definitely love being outside in the fresh air. I very much enjoy gardening, reading, listening to music, playing the piano and the clarinet, although I have not had as many opportunities to play clarinet in recent years. I also enjoy cooking very much and I hope to do all of these things a lot more when I retire.

Q: What's the naughtiest thing anyone has ever done?

What would be the naughtiest thing? I do remember someone once putting a dead bird in one of the lockers which wasn’t a very pleasant find for the person who discovered it.

There is no doubt, we will all miss Mrs Lynch very much, but we are very grateful for her service to St Margaret’s for the past 29 years. We all wish her a happy and healthy retirement.

Interview by Rebecca, Rachael, Divinewill and Joy

III Senior

June 2021

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