Meet our new Head Girl for session 2021-22

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your interests and hobbies?

I grew up in Beijing, and spent some time in Kuala Lumpur before I moved to Aberdeen. Out of school, I enjoy attending speech and drama classes, playing guitar, and spending time with my nieces.

When did you join St Margaret’s?

I joined in 7 Junior, having chosen St Margaret’s for its international and family-like community.

What attracted you to the role of Head Girl?

There have been so many wonderful Head Girls in the past. I remember being really nervous about starting at a new school when I first arrived, but our Head Girl at the time was very friendly and encouraging. Progressing through the senior school, there were Head Girls that I formed friendships with, and they were great role models to me.

Seeing these students achieve their goals in this manner inspired me to push myself and follow their footsteps. I want to be able to give back to a community that has given so much to me.

What are your roles and responsibilities?

There are various aspects of the Head Girl role: working with teachers, working with the team and prefects, working with the younger students, and working with the public.

I know from personal experience that the Head Girl team is seen in a very positive light by students in the Junior school. I care greatly about the way the team and I are perceived by our younger St Margaret’s pupils - I hope they see us as confident, capable, and approachable. All members of the team are required to make an individual assembly - this will be an excellent opportunity to properly introduce ourselves to the rest of the school, as well as showing them what we are passionate about.

What changes would you bring to the school and the pupils?

I would love to build on the appreciation that our school shows for the diversity within our student body. There is so much that can be gained by surrounding yourself with like-minded people; sharing experiences, making friends across other year groups. Similarly, learning about other cultures and religions is also beneficial to developing an open mind. These stages of senior school are so important for finding yourself and figuring out what you stand for, and I would love to help students to grow as individuals.

What are your hopes for the coming year?

I am really looking forward to getting more involved with the rest of the school. Because of lessened coronavirus restrictions, we will hopefully be able to work on more inter-year group things and get closer (physically and mentally!) as a student body. On a more personal level, this is a great opportunity for me to strengthen my skills in leadership, organization, and working collaboratively. The team and I are looking forward to giving everything our best shot; learning from our mistakes, and continuing to play a part in our rich school community.

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