St Margaret's work with Aberdeen independent schools to help tackle digital poverty

St Margaret's School for Girls and two other Aberdeen independent schools are playing our part in the fight against digital poverty by working with our ICT Support Provider, Mother Technologies who are leading a project to donate surplus IT equipment to a national charity involved in digital reuse.

Mother Technologies is supporting St Margaret’s School for Girls, International School Aberdeen (ISA), and Albyn School, to take part in the initiative driven by The Edinburgh Remakery, to reuse old electronics in a bid to tackle rising levels of digital poverty in Scotland and social isolation among disadvantaged communities.

The Social Enterprise’s free IT Disposal Service for Businesses was officially established in 2020 in response to the growing need for convenient and secure IT disposal avenues. The project offers businesses and individuals the means to pass on a host of unwanted electronics such as smart phones, laptops, PCs and tablets, in an environmentally friendly way which prevents these items from going to waste.

The schools’ initiative is a joint enterprise with Aberdeen-headquartered IT specialists Mother Technologies, which is the ICT support service company for all three independent schools. Between Aberdeen’s three independent schools, more than 280 pieces of IT equipment have been donated to The Edinburgh Remakery over the last month to repair, refurbish and offer back to the community.

Miss Anna Tomlinson, Head of School, said: “St Margaret’s School is thrilled to be taking part in such a fantastic initiative to help provide a better and fairer education to children, whilst setting an example of sustainable practice.

“At St Margaret's we are strong believers that every child should have access to the correct educational tools in order to maximise their potential and broaden their minds. We hope that other schools, places of work and individuals are able to donate where they can and help support the young minds of the future.”

The Edinburgh Remakery uses government-approved software that securely wipes any data from donated equipment to ensure it is all non-retrievable and allows items to be easily reused.

Elaine Brown, CEO of The Edinburgh Remakery: “Our free IT Disposal Service and IT donation drop-off points continue to grow and offer a much needed secure and sustainable way for old electronics to be passed on and reused.

“We are hugely grateful to St Margaret’s School for Girls, International School Aberdeen, and Albyn School, who have each donated a range of surplus IT equipment to us, for supporting our mission to end digital poverty in Scotland while keeping old and unused electronics out of landfill.

“We thank them for lending their loyal and generous support to us, and hope this is the start of many more educational bodies taking action to support their communities and embed sustainable practices within their institutions in this way.”

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