Parent Testimonials

“Thank you for the unstinting support and encouragement that has been provided for our daughter throughout the academic year. We have noticed how much she has grown in confidence and thrived since joining the school.”

“We have been delighted with and grateful for the very fine education and high level of pastoral care that our daughter receives at St Margaret’s School for Girls. The continued learning, support and kindness our daughter enjoys at school through these testing times have gone a long way to ensure not only her academic success but also her happiness and wellbeing.”

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for all that you do. My girls gain so much from attending St Margaret’s, far beyond the excellent teaching in the classroom. The level of care you all provide is amazing and deeply appreciated.”

"St Margaret's had always been our preferred choice of junior/senior school for our daughter, its values and ethos so closely mirroring our own. She joined in 7J when she was of an age to make the long commute with mum. To our surprise the transition from the state system was effortless, thanks to the keen pastoral care of its helpful and talented staff and the warm welcome she received from its wonderfully inclusive student body. Our daughter has blossomed within the St Margaret's 'family', swiftly acquiring new skills and developing a quiet but assured confidence."

“We have been immensely grateful for the learning support both our daughters have received at St Margaret’s. Staff are so dedicated and supportive, we feel they have really got to know our daughters as individuals.”

“It’s been lovely to see how happy both our daughters are at St Margaret’s School. The quality of teaching paired with the pastoral care truly is excellent. We really couldn’t ask for a better school for our daughter.”

“Our girls have been at St Margaret’s since the age of 3, and they have settled in to school life so easily and quickly. This is a testament to how supportive and welcoming the pupils and staff at St Margaret’s school are.”

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