The Chronicle

Introduced by our sixth head of school, Miss Holland, The Chronicle has been a part of St Margaret's School for Girls for nearly 100 years. It tells the story of the previous year at the school, displaying some of the amazing work and experiences from our pupils.

The first issue of The St Margaret's School Chronicle was printed in 1930 as a way to fortify St Margaret's as a community. Every year since then St Margaret's has published The Chronicle, an in-depth recounting of the past year. Not only can you see impressive examples of student work, but also news from staff, artwork and poetry.

“It is our great desire that the School Chronicle may progress well and become all that which we seek for it to be, worthy in every way of our school, and that it may help to forge an even stronger link between us, - St Margaret's School of the present, - with those of the Past, and Future.”

M. Green, St Margaret's School Chronicle vol. 1, 1930

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