Year Group


£/Autumn Term

£/Spring Term

£/Summer Term

£/Monthly Instalment Plan (x10)

1 Junior






2 Junior






3 Junior






4 Junior






5, 6 & 7 Junior






I-VI Senior







A full term’s notice must be given, in writing, to the Head if it is intended to withdraw a child, or a full term’s fees in lieu of notice will be charged.

The school operates an instalment plan for the payment of fees over 10 months. There is a 2% charge for this.

Extras are charged for wraparound care, music lessons, buses to school, holiday club and activities where external costs are incurred. These are charged termly in arrears. See table below for further information.

Where 3 or more sisters are pupils at the same time a discount of 40% is applied to fees. Please note that the third child discount does not apply to Nursery.

Annual school fees include all SQA examination entry fees.

Termly fees are due on the following dates:

- Autumn Term 2 September 2022

- Spring term 20 January 2023

- Summer term 28 April 2023

Extras charges 2022-2023

Nursery Snack

Nursery only

£80/year charged annually in Autumn Term

Nursery Pre-school care

Nursery only

8-8.40am £6.50/day

Nursery funding

Nursery only

Through our partnership with Aberdeen City Council, nursery places are fully funded up to 1140 hours for all eligible children 3-5 years

Childcare vouchers

3-14 year olds

We accept childcare vouchers in payment for wraparound care and holiday club


1 Junior – VI Senior

Charged at £3.90/day termly in advance

Morning bus and taxi services

Junior and Senior school

Details available on request for both the Banchory and Inverurie routes

After School Care

Nursery and 1-6 Junior

Short session (3-4.15pm) £5.50/day

Long session (3-5.30pm) £11/day

Homework Club

7 Junior – II Senior

3.40-5.30pm Mon-Thu £4.50

3-5.30pm Friday £4.50

(Girls from III Senior upwards are welcome to use this club at no charge)

Music tuition

1 Junior – VI Senior

Music tuition is charged termly in arrears. The cost per lesson will vary. Further information is available from the school office.

Holiday Club

Nursery – 7 Junior

Holiday Club operates in the Summer, October and Easter holidays. Please contact school for information on costs and dates.


Girls who do well in entrance examinations for entry into 6 and 7 Junior and 1 Senior, and whose families cannot afford the full fees, are eligible for bursaries of up to 100% of school fees. Bursaries may also be awarded to applicants for places in V and VI senior, based on examination results (National 5, Higher or non-Scottish equivalents); and exceptionally they may be offered to other Senior year groups. Bursaries are assessed in January and February each year for entry the following August, and awards are means tested. More detailed information can be obtained from the Head of Operations and Finance.

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