Former Pupils

'St Margaret’s Connect is a wonderful website to keep Former Pupils up-to-date with the school, events and reunions. It’s also been a fantastic way for me to re-connect with other Former Pupils from my year group. I am looking forward to getting more involved in the mentoring system too – what a lovely way to help younger FP’s on their career path!’

Samantha Zee, Class of 1985

St Margaret's connect - an online community for former pupils and staff


Welcome back, all former pupils! We have a dedicated website called St Margaret's Connect which aims to keep all former pupils in touch with each other and the school. We send out occasional newsletters with the latest information about events and reunions, together with news from St Margaret's. You can register here

We hope that being a member of our online community St Margaret's Connect will help you all to keep up to date with each other and also to be aware of what is happening at St Margaret’s. The school very much values your continued support and and engagement with the school. Please update your details on the site and send in your news so that we may all share in your successes.

Former Pupils Club Committee

The former pupils Committee organise fantastic events and support the school in a number of ways. If you would like to join the Committee in Aberdeen, please contact them via


“There is absolutely no doubt that my time at St Margaret's shaped the way I look at the world. The message that we could be whoever we wanted to be was always crystal clear, from 6J right up to my final day of Sixth Year. I hope that every St Meg's girl today knows and believes this, before moving on to her own, bright future.”

- Lucy Russell (née Morgan), FP Class of 2002

Former Pupils Contact Details

If you are a Former Pupil of St Margaret's and wish to update your contact details, please follow this link and fill out your details

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