Art News

5 Junior - Introduction to Art

To link with their classwork on natural disasters the girls have started to look at artworks inspired by the sea, waves and skies. They started an outcome based on the sea, working from photographs but used shapes and patterns to represent the large waves.These will be developed by adding colour next lesson.

I Senior - Visual Elements

I Senior are starting to look at colour and the effect opposite colours have on a composition. In this exercise they have used a range of orange tones to draw a section of a crab and then applied a blue wash in the background. The girls completed the exercise in oil pastel and learned several techniques, including blending, varying the level of pressure, sgraffito and using a Q-tip to apply baby oil so that the pastel begins to take on the quality of paint.

II Senior - Still life

In their still life project this week the girls have been developing their drawing skills. They used implied line and constructive drawing to draw spheres and a pear then used the scumbling technique of mark making to build up tone and achieve form.

Picture of the Month - Libby B, III Senior. ‘Greenhouse’

Art Club

This week in art club, the girls created oil pastel prints.

Miss S Wood, Mrs S Bedford, Miss I Andrianova

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