Breakfast with a Book

As the school barrels into winter, a cosy morning was shared by girls across the senior school this Wednesday. To celebrate Book Week Scotland, the Library Crew - a group of pupils who promote the school library and reading for enjoyment - hosted the Breakfast With A Book event.

The sell-out event was set up by Mrs McDonald, Mrs MacFadyen and some very helpful members of the Library Crew. Fruit was chopped, pastries were buttered and all beautifully plated up. Juice and water was elegantly presented in champagne flutes to keep up with the sophisticated air of the event. Breakfast was then served to the pupils, with their books in hand, who had registered for this event.

Due to the unforeseen popularity of Breakfast With A Book, a strict first-come first-served system had to be implemented. Those who did attend praised how it “[brought] people together in the library” and gave people the opportunity to “read quietly in the morning without interruptions”. By 8:30, only crumbs were left of the pastries and there was delightful chatter over novels, as well as pupils engrossed in stories.

Hopefully this was the first Breakfast With A Book of many, as everyone loved the good food and good company.

But the fun didn’t stop there! The Library Crew quickly turned the library around, transforming the space into a bustling book swap shop. In the days leading up to the Book Swap Shop, senior pupils generously donated books they had already read. These books were then up for the taking on Wednesday, free for all those who donated.

At both break and lunch, pupils swarmed tables piled high with books. Pupils appreciated that it was “a great way to be sustainable and build a sense of community around reading and the library”. One pupil left with an armful of David Walliam books, Christmas shopping for a younger sibling.

After a day full of bookish events, the Library Crew would like to specially thank Mrs McDonald, Mrs MacFadyen and everyone who participated in our Book Week Scotland events.

By Abigail, Annabel, and members of the Library Crew.

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