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Welcome to the refreshed weekly news! Going forward we will be sending you our weekly newsletter via an easy to read email which gives you more control as to how you access school stories. We always welcome feedback so please do get in touch with our Marketing Officer, Miss Ingram, at with any thoughts and opinions on the new format.

At St Margaret’s, we value volunteering and service to others, recognising their connection to Learning for Sustainability and the UNCRC. In the coming year, expanding volunteering opportunities is a key school development priority. Volunteering is seen as a way for students to make a positive impact on others, the community, and the environment while also acquiring new skills and building connections. Through volunteering, students not only gain confidence and skills but also develop a greater understanding of different perspectives and experiences. This commitment to volunteering has physical and mental health benefits, unlocks diverse perspectives, and fosters compassion and empathy. St Margaret’s offers a structured volunteering pathway which starts within the school, involving student committees, charity events, and support for younger pupils through extra-curricular activities. Students then extend their skills into the wider community through activities such as reading to nursing home residents, participating in beach clean-ups, or contributing to tree planting initiatives, all of which contribute to personal growth and the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Finding volunteering opportunities in the community can sometimes be challenging, particularly for younger pupils. If you know of an organisation which would accept enquiries from our pupils or their parents, please let us know via this google form. With your help, we can extend our existing database of partner organisations.

This weekend our hockey 1st and IIIS hockey teams have matches against St Leonard's so we wish them the best of luck!

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