The St Margaret's Archive

The St Margaret’s School archive holds many interesting items including old uniform, newspaper clippings and photographs. The image above shows the Blue Bird Dramatic Society from 1931.

The archive offers an invaluable glimpse into the school's history. We have a treasure trove of items: early admission registers, photographs, school magazines, correspondence, and personal artifacts donated by alumnae.

The school's archive places St. Margaret’s within the wider context of local, national and global changes and events. For example, records show the impact of World War II on the school community, including contributions to the war effort and changes in the school routine.

“School trip to Paris, 1938”

“Photograph of school boarding pupils, 1939”

The St Margaret's School for Girls archive is more than a repository of old papers; it is a living legacy that continues to inspire current students and staff. By exploring the school’s past, the St Margaret’s community gains a deeper understanding of its traditions, values, and the enduring importance of educational opportunities for girls.

We are grateful to all of those who have donated their items and memorabilia of St Margaret’s to our archive collection.

If you or anyone you know would like to get in touch in regards to contributing to our archive please email

“Harvest Festival, 1948”

Online archive

If you're interested in exploring our archive further, visit our online archive. This includes historical images, documents, and insights into the history of Margaret's. Whether you're an former pupil, a current parent, or simply curious about the school's history, this archive is an invaluable resource that brings the past to life.

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